SGT Smith, Antonio

1) Why did you join the military?

I originally joined the military as an exit strategy to avoid falling into the negative things that chased me and my peers.

2) As an Infantry guy from Ft. Drum, what was your coldest and shittiest experience?

My coldest moment was just a few months ago during a training exercise we called wolverine peak, the temperature was only around 20°F which is nowhere near Ft. Drums coldest temperatures. But after laying in the prone conducting reconnaissance one an objective for about 7 hours we then had to ride in the back of an lmtv about an hour back to the base. Mid way back to the base is whenever I legit reached my coldest moment out of the seven years spent there.

3) Funniest thing you have ever done as a private.

The funniest thing I ever did as a private was exactly the opposite of funny at the time but now when I think about it it's definetely with laughing. So me and a fellow pvt went to a local bar that was considered "blacklisted" however everyone went there, and so after the 20 or so every other time me and my battle had attended this place we would always receive an X on our hands that said we weren't 21. For whatever reason though in this 1 particular instance they marked my hand with a heart meaning I was 21. So me and my buddy got obliterated and tried coming through the gate. My buddy was successfull however I was incoherent which led to my arrest for underage possession? A few hours in the cell I get awakened telling me I'm free to go, I thought it was my buddy who got through the gate successfully only to walk outta the mp station to my Platoon Sgt. Who then made me run back to our company a few miles away all while completely obliterated.

4) Have you ever Koalifed? Lol

The first time I ever koalafied was the first day I arrived to Ft. Drum and my time was 2:14.

5) What do you plan on doing after you get out of the military?

After the military I plan to take some college classes and to try and secure a career as either a Game Warden, or either a U.S Marshall.

6) When a paratrooper, refers to you as a "NAP"(Non-Airborne-Personnel). How does this make you feel? Lol

I've not really had many run ins with paratroopers, however I do enjoy a nap whenever I can get one.. lol

7) How can you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

I can relate to Gold Star Vodka like this. Not only is it a damn good vodka, the meaning behind the name of the vodka has a stronger meaning in which I support, I've lost friends and leaders over the course of my career, and to know that there's something out there supporting the fact that the ultimate sacrifice was made, I look at it as allowing they're legacy to forever be remembered.


Are you 21 years or older?

Gold Star Vodka