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Job Title: Combat Correspondent; The Marine Rapper

  • Unit: 1st Marine Division; 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines;  2nd Battalion, 7th Marines.

  • Years served: About 10 years

  • Tours? (2) 1 tour to Iraq with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines; 1 tour to Afghanistan with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines.

10 Questions to ask a veteran

1) Why did you join the military?

I joined the military to become a man and learn life skills. 

2) What was your most eventful, yet dumbest decision you have made as a private?

The worst thing I did as a private first class was be late for formation. As a Marine, you can never be late.

3) What made you decide to start rapping and take the veteran approach?

I started rapping with a veteran approach because it is me. For me not to talk about all that I've been through for the last 10 years would just be me talking about the same stuff others talk about. Plus the civilian and veteran community need someone who has been overseas to give a firsthand account of the heroes and their actions.

4) Boom! Zombie apocalypse . What is your "go-to" weapon?

My go to weapon would definitely be my rifle. I don't even want a zombie getting close to me in an apocalypse

5) Your sickest verse that only veterans can relate to?

I have a verse about how my mom told me not to go infantry or I will die. It's funny because I use dark humor to help the military listener relate and laugh at the same time.

6) Funniest thing you have said or heard over the Radio?

The funniest thing I've said over the radio would mostly likely be everything. Interviews are so awkward to me so I think the listener probably thinks I sound awkward too.

7) Most Epic War movie or show of all time?

Full Metal Jacket is the best Marine movie of all time. That is not up for debate.

8) Why is Army better than Marines, and why? lol

The Army is not better than Marines but y'all cool though. haha

9) If you could have anyone be featured in your song, who would it be? and why?

I would like to get a feature from Shaggy because he is the most known Marine recording artist. 

10) How do you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

I like that Gold Star Vodka gives back to the gold star community. It makes Gold Star Vodka more than a brand. It is a cause.

New Album Drop's on upcoming Veterans Day! November 10, 2017


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