SSG Summers, Stephen

Unit: 7th Special Forces Group
MOS: SF Engineer
Deployments: 4 Total

1) What made you decide to join the military?

I joined the military to serve my country in a time of war, learn life skills, give back to my community and have something for my kids to be proud of.

2) What piece of advice would you give for anyone who wants to go to selection?

Nothing is given to you in this line of work. Everything here even the team numbers we wear have to be earned every day. So if you are thinking of going to selection think of it as very physical job interview were you show the selection cadre you want it no matter what.

3) What is your greatest accomplishment in the military?

I wouldn't be this far in my military career without my wife she is my center, she is my rock. so for being in the military for 12 years and still having an fantastic and awesome relationship with her make it the greatest.

4) Name your dumbest, yet eventful time you had as a private.

Before returning to our cop after a long mission my buddy and I were tasked (super late at night) to go to the HLZ at our Battalions FOB in Nangarhar AFG before going back to our cop (which was still a couple hours down the road). We were then instructed to download our squads mail from the birds. As we were doing so our first sgt came up to us and thought we were going through everyone's mail. So before a quick and proper explanation was executed he quickly made it known what rank he was and told me to go stand by the TOC. My buddy got out of it only because he was running a bobcat with the mail (pays to know how to run equipment). After a few minutes of standing at parade rest in front of the TOC waiting for First sgt he came out and instructed an e6 in the TOC to conduct "corrective training" or simply smoke me until he came back out. he came back out but that was when the sun was starting to come up. one of the longest times of my life. after my PLT SGT explained that he sent us up there to help out all he got was " well he got some pt in for today".

5) What are your thoughts of the "Nasty Girls" attached infantry that you had the pleasure of working with?

National guard or not we are still in the same fight together and as we found short comings we fixed them and if there was sustains we optimized on them and made what we could better. Always improving the so called fox hole.

6) Greatest military movie/show of all time?

Well I was in the 101st ABN 506th Regiment for 8 years as an Infantrymen so my favorite:

Band of Brothers
We Were Soldiers

7) What are your plans for the civilian life, after the military?

Living on a mountain top in the great state of West Virginia and if I cant do that then ill be a beach bum down there in Florida.

8) How can you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

Besides being a veteran myself and having mad respect for u guys for starting up your own business in this day and age I lost 6 good friends my first deployment and I respect that fact the some proceeds of gold star go to gold star families.


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