Name/Rank: SGT Reyes, Caryn

Job Title: 42A Human Resource NCO

  • Unit: Joint Force Head Quarters, Dobbins AFB, Marietta GA

  • Years served: 10 years

  • Tours? 2 tours: Baghdad, Iraq; Sinai, Egypt

8 Questions to ask a veteran

1) Why did you join the military?

I joined the military because I really did not know what I wanted to do after High School. I was in JROTC in High School and I loved it. At that time I loved how sharp we looked in uniform and I enjoyed the team events we participated in such as the Raider Team, Color Guard and Drill team. I Just knew in my head that the Army was going to be so much fun just like JROTC.....NOT....LOL. I knew I wanted to go to college after I graduated but did not want to accumulate loans. Plus my father, Johnny Reyes was in the Army Reserve so that was the most natural thing for me to do.

2) What was your most eventful, yet dumbest decision you have made as a private?

I had such great leaders as a private that I really did not make any crazy decisions. 

3)What do you do in the civilian side?

I was an Advance Emergency Medical Technician and I worked for Grady EMS for 2 years.

4) Funniest comment you've heard in the Army, that if you were at your civilian job, people would look at you differently?

I do not think there has been any funny comments I've heard but the cadences we have sung in basic training had crazy lyrics and when I would sing them to my family and friends back at the home they would look at me crazy.

5) How would you distinguish yourself differently compared to other females in the military?

I cant think of anything right now

6) If you were able to sit down next to President Trump, what would you advise to him?

I would advise President Trump to stay off Twitter

7) Most Epic War movie or show of all time?


8) How do you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

I am here as a veteran to support other veterans and their business ventures. IE. Gold Star Vodka 


Are you 21 years or older?

Gold Star Vodka