Veteran of the Month with Scott Parton

Unit: 2009-2013 1-505 PIR 3 BCT 82D ABN DIV/Current- Indiana RTI
Current Job position: Infantry ALC Instructor
MOS: Infantry (11B)
Deployments: 1 Afghanistan

1) Why did you join the military?

I wanted to join the military from the time I was a little kid. My hero growing up was a local man that was killed in Vietnam. His name was Steven Tanner. He turned down football and basketball scholarships to join the Marine Corps and fight in Vietnam. Steve was killed just 10 days after his 19th birthday on February 19, 1969 in Quang Tri Province. Steve Tanner's story made an impression on me and I wanted to serve my country.

2) Name your dumbest, yet eventful time you had as a private?

There's a lot of dumb stuff that happened, all good memories. "Area beautification", edging sidewalks and cutting grass, in clear eye pro and a PT belt sticks out in my mind.

3) Why does the 82nd think they are better than everyone else?

I'd say it's because of the fact that not only do the soldiers within it's ranks make the choice to join the Army, they volunteer again to jump out of airplanes. The 82nd has always had high standards and puts a lot of stress on it's leaders, which helps develop resilient NCOs and Officers. I think that anyone that experiences the Airborne timeline and a mass, nighttime tactical JFEX will tell you that it can be demanding but will create a bond amongst your company/platoon/squad that is unlike any other.

4) What is the funniest thing you have heard over the radio?

At the beginning of our deployment it was quick to realize that we never really worked on radio etiquette and procedures. We pulled guard on our OP from our MATVs. I'll never forget hearing our TOC asking for a radio check with truck 5. The person inside the truck radio checked a radio check. TOC responded, "I'm not sure what just happened, but don't ever radio check a radio check".

5) If you had to pick who to go to war with, who would it be?

A) Caitlyn Jenner
B) Justin Bieber
C) Channing Tatum from Dear John
D) Amy Schumer

C- By far the best looking out of the whole group but A could definitely be a good time too.

6) If you could give Donald Trump one piece of advice, what would it be?

Keep the White House's temperature at 82 Degrees.

7) What was your greatest accomplishment in the military?

I'm proud of a lot of things overall as is anyone that has joined. As far as individual stuff, I'd say getting my EIB, CIB and jump wings. As a leader I'd say that watching my last squad on active duty develop into what they became. We had a atmosphere where no one wanted to let each other down and many of the paratroopers went on to Ranger School, Jumpmaster School and have become great leaders themselves.

8) Airborne ALL THE WAY! How many jumps do you have? and which jump was the most memorable?

I have around 30 jumps. I'd say the most memorable was jumping into the box at JRTC in 2010. We were the first unit in over a decade to jump at JRTC. It's where the 505th heard the famous "Go limp and take it" line from our CSM.

9) Band of Brothers or Tropic Thunder? and Why?

Both are great but Band of Brothers for sure. I had the honor of meeting Wild Bill Guarnere when I was in college.

10) How do you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

The overall concept of Gold Star Vodka reflects the importance of keeping the memories of our fallen alive and supporting their families. That in itself speaks volumes about the owners.


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