Name: Jacqueline Carrizosa

Q&A from a Veteran to another

1) Why did you join the military?

To travel the world, escape my awesome sarcasm youth and take my aggression to a better platform that could use it.
  2) What was your most eventful, yet dumbest decision you have made as a private? And how did it turn out for you?

I always asked why. Why…. Why… Why… that led to me checking ammo boxes and Gun lockers at 3am everyday. 

3) What was your go-to MRE?

None. I liked to pack my own food if I could in time.

4) The funniest thing you have heard over the net (Radio)?

BAS. Over radio, my LPO actually meant “BIG ASS SHIP”. We all giggled.

5) Why is Army better than Navy? lol

Maybe in the short bus.. special ed. lol. JK, love the Army. 

6) What did you learn from the military, that you applied to the civilian world to make you successful

Do your work, the more detail the better, and keep your word.

7) You are many things: a Firearms Instructor, Athlete, Actress, business owner, and the list goes on! Which hat do you like to wear the most and why?

I love the Firearms Instructor job at any level, I love watching people turn their thinking caps on when they’re shooting. Especially Hollywood actors and actresses.

8) Fastest MURPH time? (wod)

56 minutes… before my accident… now i’ll probably take three hours. haha!

9) Which gun safety rule do you harp on the most when you are out on the range?

Keep the gun pointed in a SAFE direction and finger off the trigger.

10) How do you relate to Gold Star Vodka?

I like drinking, I believe most Veterans and adults do too. I’m dark with a gold heart like Gold star too. lol.

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