Most spirits brands focus on quality of product or exorbitant, luxury lifestyle. But what about men and women who appreciate the honor of hard work and accomplishment? The less talk, more do people of the world who don’t need to be perceived as “ballers”in order to feel “important.” Gold Star makes spirits with the grit of people who know what it means to earn respect. That’s what unites us, and our product is a symbol of that unity.

No matter what differences may exist, we are united by determination to achieve goals with a never-back-down attitude and ethic. Grit isn’t learned, it’s earned with every moment spent pushing beyond the status quo. We’re a no-apologies, no-excuses brand that demands true quality for a reasonable price, and the heart to give some of it back to those who live by the same code. We take pride in our American-made roots, and aren’t afraid to wear it on our sleeves. After all, before making fine spirits, that’s exactly what we did, we wore it on our sleeves.

This country wasn’t built by those who sit idly by. It wasn’t built by braggarts and blowhards. Our country was built by those who pick life up by the bootstraps and conquer the challenge. Our vodka is crafted in the USA with that same spirit, because that’s what makes us countrymen. Whether you’re strapping on your boots, or kicking them off, reward your grit with Gold Star.



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